Joining AAPS

You are joining a community of 70 students at varying stages of their study. You will be supported in your PhD journey by our staff and students from the moment you accept your offer with us.

Applying to AAPS

Before you start

From the moment you apply, you will be supported by the management team and current students.

The management team will assist with your application queries and organisation around interview preparation and offer support and guidance where necessary. On the interview day itself, you will meet with a range of current students, and you will also have the opportunity to meet with academics involved in AAPS.

Accepting your offer

Once you have accepted your offer, you will be welcomed into the AAPS student cohort. We will assign you a peer mentor from the current cohort and you will be invited to all our events and activities before starting in September so you can hit the ground running.

Before you arrive

As soon as you have accepted your offer with us you are are welcomed into the AAPS community, and you will be supported throughout the rest of the programme. 

Summer Invites

We hold welcome events in the summer prior to your start, where you can meet your peer mentor, spend some time at the University and meet the rest of the AAPS community.

Advice and Guidance

Shortly after you have accepted your offer we also provide some helpful tips to help you find accommodation in Bath for your studies.


During induction week, AAPS students will have a bespoke induction week timetable, including social and academic events. This timetable is a full week timetable to fully immerse you into the programme and the AAPS community.

AAPS Community Network

AAPS Community Network

AAPS has a central hub located in the department of mechanical engineering.

Most of our PhD students are also located in the same building as the hub and there is a vibrant community you can be part of. Our students run weekly research seminars, coffee catch ups, quiz teams and sports teams. AAPS also organises social activities through the year such as away days, Christmas parties and summer socials.



The CDT runs a peer mentoring scheme that extends to all students on the programme. Peer mentors are current AAPS students who can provide you with a friendly face, reflections on their own experiences and some department specific knowledge.

After you have accepted your offer with us, you will be assigned a peer mentor ready for your first year in AAPS. They will act as a point of contact before you arrive here Bath, and this relationship will continue through your first year with you meeting them 1-1 at least once per semester.

You'll begin your own journey as a peer mentor to incoming students in your second year.

AAPS Opportunities

Opportunities to gain wider experience

One of the core aims of the CDT is to train a new kind of T-shaped people with a combined depth and breadth of knowledge and skills.

Opportunities to gain wider experience

As a Doctoral Training Centre we can give you numerous opportunities to amplify your research at the University and within the wider academic and industry community. This includes:

  • AAPS guest lecture series
  • Summer Masterclasses
  • Organising and participating in workshops and conferences,
  • Placements with partner organisations
  • Long-term visits to international academic institutions to undertake collaborative research
  • Secondments to gain experience working in industry, policy, or a different academic environment
  • Delivering public engagement and outreach activities
  • Social media takeovers and blogging
  • A programme of doctoral skills training provided by the University

We also encourage our students to go out create their own ventures and offer routes for funding on a case by case basis

Paid Opportunities

  • Teaching Activities.

You are eligible to participate in paid teaching activities, including tutorial classes and laboratory demonstrator/support during your PhD

Student Support

There are lots of places to go for information and support during your time in AAPS. The most important people will be the other AAPS Students and the AAPS management team.

  • AAPS Management Team and Theme Leads

There are many support mechanisms that are available to you within the AAPS CDT which we encourage you to engage with on a regular basis in order to provide you with the information, advice, guidance and opportunities to discuss your situation and perspectives on a regular basis. We aspire to create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive and become the best you can be. 

  • Doctoral College

The Doctoral College runs across the University aiming to support and enrich the experience of doctoral research as well as developing policy and strategy relevant to doctoral study. The Doctoral College will support you throughout your time as a PhD student at Bath and will ensure all milestones are met.

  • Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre is the first point of contact for a range of information and support services to help you. They offer students support and guidance, including counselling and mental health, disability support, money management and international student advice.

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