AAPS students engage with the public!

February 03 2020

AAPS CDT Students in customer engagement day, surveying members of the public about Hybrid cars.

On the 8th of January 2020 the AAPS CDT was given the opportunity to engage with numerous students, academics and members of staff at the University of Bath. The team woke up at 5 am to set up two stalls in the most visited places on campus with the intention to encourage people sharing their opinion on hybrid vehicles. Their thoughts were recorded under the form of quick questionnaires and games throughout the duration of the event.

The day was really fun and despite the cold January weather many people came to our stalls, opening a very useful door to their perspective on the matter.  During the event, the University gave us responsibility for their Instagram account, as part of a Student Takeover. More than 3000 views on every story allowed the AAPS CDT to gain some visibility amongst the Uni’s followers, and learn a different way of communicating with the public. It was the first time the team had to deal with such a big number of followers while also having to communicate effectively in 15 seconds. The task was challenging but every member of the team contributed to its favourable outcome.

Overall the event was considered successful as the group was given a chance to: perfect their team-working and communication abilities; share their view on the future of vehicles; gather great ideas; and inspire other students.


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