AAPS Annual Conference 2023

The AAPS Conference Committee share their reflections on the second annual AAPS CDT Conference

August 30 2023

Reflecting on the AAPS Annual Conference 2023

As the organising committee, we are thrilled to share our reflections on the success of the AAPS Annual Conference 2023. This year's conference surpassed our expectations in numerous aspects, leaving us proud of the collaborative efforts that made it all possible.

Engaging Discussions and Quality Presentations

One of the highlights of the conference was the exceptional engagement and discussions from the 100+ attendees. The Q&A sessions following each presentation showcased the depth of interest and curiosity within our community. It was great to see attendees actively contributing to meaningful discussions that enriched the overall conference experience. The networking opportunities also fostered connections across disciplines, nurturing the kind of cross-pollination that embodies the spirit of transdisciplinary research, as in the AAPS CDT.
The quality of the presentations from guest speakers and students was also a standout feature. The messages were clear, which ensured that the knowledge and insights shared during the event could be carried forward into practical applications, bridging the gap between academic discourse and real-world impact.

Many thanks to our student speakers, who presented: 18 full-length talks, 9 lightning talks, and 18 posters!

And a huge thank you to our visiting guest speakers:

Successful Funding and Engaging Sponsor Stands

The funding for the conference exceeded our expectations both in terms of amount and variety. The support we received from various sources enabled us to create a truly enriching experience for our attendees. Furthermore, the dynamic and engaging sponsor stands in the atrium received great feedback from both attendees and other sponsors. These stands not only added to the atmosphere of the event but also facilitated valuable interactions between participants and sponsors, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships. Thank you once again to all our sponsors and partners for your generous support:

A Balance of Variety

The conference prided itself on the rich variety it offered, from the diverse range of talk topics to the guest speakers and sponsors. The conference schedule ensured that attendees had the opportunity to explore a multitude of subjects and engage with experts from various fields. The mix of talks and Q&A sessions allowed for many insightful discussions without sacrificing the breadth of topics covered, resulting in an inclusive experience that catered to the diverse interests of our participants.

Skills Cultivated by the Organising Committee

Organising the AAPS Annual Conference 2023 was an invaluable learning experience for our committee. The skills we developed extend beyond conference planning and are transferrable to various domains in and out of our PhDs. Collaborative teamwork, effective communication, time management, and problem-solving were just a few of the skills we used throughout the process. These skills are not only applicable within academia but also in any professional setting, contributing to our continued growth at the University.

Celebrating Excellence: IET Sponsored Prize Winners

We are delighted to recognise the exceptional contributions of our participants by awarding the IET sponsored prizes:


In conclusion, we are immensely proud of the success of the AAPS Annual Conference 2023. The collaboration between attendees, sponsors, and our dedicated organising committee has created a platform that celebrates knowledge exchange, fosters interdisciplinary connections, and promotes the advancement of research. We look forward to building on this success in the coming years, continuing to inspire innovation and collaboration within our academic community.

See you next year,

The AAPS Annual Conference 2023 Organising Committee!

Ryan, Matt, Ellie, Seb, and Constantinos

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