• Aaron Lister

  • Theme:Low Carbon Fuels
  • Project:Crude Sulfate Turpentine as a new source of biorenewable fuel
  • Supervisor: Steve Bull
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Aaron recently completed his BSc Chemistry degree from the University of Huddersfield in addition to receiving the Ross Thompson Physical Memorial Prize for Outstanding Performance in Physical Chemistry in the final year. With a particular interest in organic chemistry, Aaron is very excited to have the opportunity to learn more about automotive propulsion technologies in the hope of building his understanding on alternative fuel sources. Concerning his research project, Aaron will be working towards optimising production of p-menthane/p-cymene blends from naturally occuring crude sulfate turpentine and how these blends could be incorporated within combustion engines. Away from University Aaron enjoys making music, lifting weights and travelling.


  • I owned three cars before I passed my driving test (it took me five attempts!)
  • I've managed a five-a-side football team (we finished bottom of the league!)
  • My favourite smelling chemical is Diacetyl which has a buttery aroma and used in microwave popcorn
  • I've tried some strange-smelling foods such as Netto, Stinky Tofu and the Durian (definitely the worst) while travelling in Asia, though all tasted absolutely delicious!

Crude Sulfate Turpentine as a new source of biorenewable fuel

Aaron's PhD will optimise the chemical route from untreated industrial CST (e.g. desulfurisation technology, catalyst recycling) obtained from a Swedish paper mill (Södra) to produce p-menthane/p-cymene blends (ratio dependent on partial hydrogen pressure) whose combustion performance (e.g. melting point, cloud point, cetane level, temperature performance, combustion kinetics/pathways) will then be optimised to identify blends for use with petrol/diesel fuels to carry out field tests in different types of combustion engine.

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