• Alexander Fritot

  • Theme:Chemical Energy Converters
  • Project:Fuel Cell Model Development
  • Supervisor:Tom Fletcher
  • Industry Partner: AVL
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Alex graduated from the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours in Automotive Engineering and has recently completed an MSc in Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University. During this time his passion for the automotive industry has grown exponentially, with a deep interest into advancing current internal combustion engine feasibility.

As an undergraduate, Alex' final year project looked at the fluid dynamics of the human cochlea using CFD techniques. This was aimed at modelling processes inside the cochlea channel with relation to acoustic oscillations in comparison to pure mixing. This was an exploratory study for a larger scale collaboration between the Advanced Engineering centre and the Sensory Neuroscience Research Group.

In terms of potential areas in which to conduct his research project, Alex would love to amalgamate his passion of internal combustion engines with the more recently gained interest in fluid dynamics. Through his experience at AAPS, Alex hopes to broaden his knowledge in the automotive propulsion industry and gain a more complete understanding of how we can tackle the emissions crisis in the current climate.

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