• Catherine Naughtie

  • Theme:Transport, Behaviour and Society
  • Project:Rethinking vulnerability: Perception, Behaviour, and Power Differentials in Mixed Road-User Interactions
  • Supervisor:Lorraine Whitmarsh
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Catherine recently completed an MSc in Psychology with distinction at the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in attention and decision making. She has been involved in several projects researching situational awareness in complex environments and high-pressure situations. She has joined the AAPS CDT to research interactions between different classes of road users and how the introduction of autonomous technologies, driver assistance systems, and ‘smart’ infrastructure may influence these interactions. She is particularly interested in how changes to propulsion systems may impact vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, and how they interact with vehicles.

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BeOnline conference 2021 Presentation

I recently presented at the BeOnline conference 2021. This conference brings together researchers using online experimental methods in behaviour and psychology research to share their experiences, tips, and research findings. There were many fascinating talks on all aspects of online experimental research, including how to recruit participants, ensuring data quality, doing online research with blind participants, and working collaboratively with participants online. I gave a short talk entitled 'Journeys in the mind: the challenges and benefits of using online methods to understand driver behaviour and transport psychology' as part of their buffet of online research session. I discussed my MRes summer project that investigated the impact of control perturbations on driver performance using an online game. My talk focused on the challenges involved in adapting driver behaviour research to 'go online', the use of games to replicate complex human-machine interactions and provided some tips on how to develop the skills required to build code-based experiments.

Watch a recording of my talk

You can also read my blog about the conference


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Cenex LCV2021 Presentation

Helped to run the AAPS exhibition stand at the Cenex LCV event at Millbrook proving ground with other members of the AAPS CDT and management team. This event also offered a range of seminars covering topics such as increasing levels of autonomy, decarbonisation, and vehicle to grid technologies.

University of Bath, Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Exhibition Presentation

To mark the end of the MRes year, the cohort presented posters on the work they completed throughout the Innovation and Evaluation Units

Smart Class Transport workshop for South West of England Participant

Series of presentation on Future Transport Zone including demand buses, neighbourhood mobility hubs

AAPS Conference 2022 Speaker

Title of talk: Beyond the vulnerable road user: an ecological model of road-user vulnerability

- 13/07/2022

AAPS Conference 2022

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