• Catherine Naughtie

  • Theme:Transport, Behaviour and Society
  • Project:Rethinking vulnerability: Perception, Behaviour, and Power Differentials in Mixed Road-User Interactions
  • Supervisor:Lorraine Whitmarsh
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Catherine recently completed an MSc in Psychology with distinction at the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in attention and decision making. She has been involved in several projects researching situational awareness in complex environments and high-pressure situations. She has joined the AAPS CDT to research interactions between different classes of road users and how the introduction of autonomous technologies, driver assistance systems, and ‘smart’ infrastructure may influence these interactions. She is particularly interested in how changes to propulsion systems may impact vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, and how they interact with vehicles.

Name Role Description Date Website
Podcast Committee Organiser

Part of the student organising committee for the AAPS CDT Podcast series

- 31/10/2022
SoundArt Radio Interview

I was recently interviewed about my research for SoundArt Radio, a community radio station in Devon. This interview was set up through the University of Bath Public Engagement Unit's scheme to partner researchers with community radio stations, as a follow up to the Futures on Air 2020 pilot scheme. We discussed the impact of changes in mobility patterns and propulsion systems for rural communities and inequalities in the provision of public transport and facilities in rural and semi-rural areas. We also discussed the role of the AAPS CDT and researchers from all backgrounds in shaping the future of mobility through transdisciplinary methods research and inspiring community engagement in transport policy making.

Sense About Science Voice of Young Science

I recently took part in the Sense About Science Voice of Young Science: Standing Up for Science public engagement workshop. Sense About Science is an independent charity that promotes the public interest in sound science and evidence. This workshop brought together PhD students and early career research from a diverse range of disciplines with experts in science communication from journalism, academia, and industry to discuss public engagement. It focused on the challenges involved in communicating complicated or contentious topics and hints and tips on how to effectively engage with the media to get your voice heard. This workshop was inspiring and provided a valuable forum for peer-to-peer discussions of the challenges involved in public communications and the importance of sharing the valuable insights from your work beyond academia.

You can read my blog about the workshop here:

Capri Mobility

I recently volunteered to help with a trial of autonomous pods in Cribbs Causeway mall for Capri mobility as part of a wider project exploring how the public respond to autonomous vehicles and the challenges involved in implementing them in public places. This project is being delivered by a 16-partner consortium led by Aecom and funded by the UK Government Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV). The trial at Cribbs Causeway mall allowed members of the public to examine autonomous pods, get inside them, and discuss their perceptions of fully autonomous vehicles and ask questions about the role of autonomous vehicles, potential benefits, drawbacks, and the technology that underpins them. This was a very interesting experience that gave me insight into how people perceive autonomous vehicles, how they interact with them, and public understandings of the technical challenges involved in their deployment.


- 26/01/2020

You can find out more about the CAPRI project here:

Thames Valley Institute of Advanced Motorists roadshow Organiser and Presenter

Two three hour public engagement event with activities to raise awareness about AAPS, batteries, EVs and future of driving.



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