• Charlie Gaylard

  • Theme:Digital Systems, Optimisation and Integration
  • Project:Beyond Predictive Energy Management
  • Supervisor: Nic Zhang ,Chris Brace
  • Industry Partner: AVL
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After graduating in Motorsport Technology in 2011, Charlie held several operational roles in the motorsport industry including Production Controller and Design Coordinator for Formula 1 teams and supplier companies with composites. In 2017 he returned to study for a BSc Top-Up in Automotive engineering at the University of Brighton where he worked on the design and manufacture of a Formula Student Chassis with a focus on ergonomics and regulatory compliance. Following his graduation, Charlie joined the Formula E team Mahindra Racing as a Design Engineer, working on the design of the cooling system and inboard suspension components among other projects. Charlie has joined the AAPS CDT hoping to apply his experience in design and manufacturing while widening his knowledge and expertise to help improve efficiency and sustainability in vehicle design. Outside of University he enjoys surfing, playing the guitar and motorsport.


  • Won paper airplane contest at village fete. 1st Prize was a box of wine gums
  • I race a Mazda MX5 in Hillclimb Sprint competitions
  • I worked on a cattle ranch in Australia
  • I have been down a luge on a skeleton bobsleigh in Austria
  • I design and make guitars from recycled items such as boxes, biscuit tins and oil cans

Beyond Predictive Energy Management

Charlie's PhD will be to investigate the benefits and trade-offs from the use of predictive, multi-objective control strategies for X-EV connected hybrid vehicles. Charlie is expected to apply significant rigour to identifying beneficial combinations of mobility system attributes and technologies to carry into more detailed problem definition, simulation and control function development culminating in the practical demonstration of one or more predictive control strategy.

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