• Ciaran Llewelyn

  • Theme:Low Carbon Fuels
  • Project:Automotive Tribology - Development of Novel Precursors for Lubricious Coatings
  • Supervisor: Andrew Johnson ,Matthew Jones
  • Industry Partner: Infineum
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Ciaran graduated with an MChem Hons from Cardiff University in Chemistry. His final year project working under supervision of Dr Ben Ward was looking at the Silica Coating of 3D Lead Halide Perovskites for applications within photoluminescence. He is currently a member of the AAPS CDT with the view to be researching new materials for automotive tribo-chemistry. He is hopeful of combining his chemistry knowledge with that of engineering to steer towards a cleaner future through the synthesis and analysis of novel materials to increase fuel efficiency. Outside of university he is an avid football and cricket fan.


  • My first language is Welsh
  • I've been to watch more than 470 professional football games
  • I spent June 2016 travelling around France for Euro 2016
  • I have collected all original 151 Pokemon cards

Automotive Tribology - Development of Novel Precursors for Lubricious Coatings

Ciarans synthetic tribo-chemistry based PhD will focus on the design, synthesis, characterisation and tribo-testing of new inorganic molecules designed to form wear resistant and low-friction films at points within the engine where friction and wear are present.

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