• Constantinos Liagas

  • Theme:Propulsion Electrification
  • Project:Integrated Drive System with Modularised Energy Storage for Automotive Applications
  • Supervisor:Vincent Zeng
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Constantinos has been working in the automotive industry since 2009. Most recently as a Systems Team Leader at Delphi Technologies, he headed the design of a diesel exhaust aftertreatment controller and software, destined for use in the Asia Pacific region. In 2006, he was awarded a BEng in Electronic Engineering by the University of Sheffield and in 2016, an MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with distinction by the University of Greenwich. Outside work he mainly enjoys movies, and games but also dabbles in music with his guitar, he also enjoys a good coffee with friends. He joins the AAPS CDT with an interest in Propulsion Electrification and hopes to further his own and his industry's knowledge in the area of Power Electronics and Wide Bandgap semiconductor devices as we progress to cleaner transport systems.

Name Role Description Date Website
University of Bath, Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Exhibition - Cohort 2 Presentation

"AAPS CDT Presents: The 2030 Novus - Spiritual Successor To The Prius"

During the MRes year of the programme, the cohort were inspired by the impact of the Toyota Prius, and developed an architecture for a sustainable vehicle targeted at the market of 2030. Projecting forward using current and anticipated global trends, the transdisciplinary team explored a variety of opportunities for innovation and, using a holistic systems-engineering approach, developed a crossover plug-in hybrid vehicle.

EPE2021 Online - 23rd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications Attendee

Attendance at this high calibre conference very early in my PhD has allowed me to get a taste of the level of research being presented, the state of the art in Power Electronics, Multilevel Converters (MMC) and their control. On Monday the 6th of September I was also able to attend the organised tutorial on Control of Modular Multilevel Converters for Variable-Voltage Variable-Frequency Applications hosted by

  • Prof. Axel Mertens of the Leibniz University Hannover
  • Dr Jakub Kucka of EPFL Lausanne
  • Dr Dennis Karwatzki of Siemens A.G.

Where I learned about the challenges MMC designers are faced with when using these systems and how to model their behaviour under different circumstances.




Centre for Power Electronics Online Conference Attendee

The Centre for Power Electronics (CPE) Annual Conference brought together the Power Electronics, Machines and Drives Community to review the latest Research and Development that will impact the Electric Revolution. A Blended Online Conference, it featured Live Invited Keynotes and Presentations from Leading Academics and Industrialists, as well as views of the Future Demands for Power Electronics, Machines and Drives and Presentations from Early Career Researchers in this exciting field.

- 15/07/2021
AAPS Conference 2022 Speaker

Title of talk: Modularised Energy Storage for Automotive Applications

- 13/07/2022

AAPS Conference 2022

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