• Cosmin Mudure

  • Theme:Low Carbon Fuels
  • Project:Simply the best? Rapid AI-driven screening of porous materials for hydrogen purification and low carbon fuels
  • Supervisor: Tina Düren
  • The Gorgon's Head - Bath University Logo
Photo of Cosmin Mudure


Cosmin graduated from the University of Notingham in 2023 with an integrated MSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. Before starting his degree, he worked with Johnathan Todd's group to explore osmolyte synthesis in diatoms as part of a Nuffield Research Placement at UEA. During his Masters year, he studied novel ferroelectric materials in Kathrine Inzani's group using Density Functional Theory, a computational method used in solid state chemistry research. His project gave him insights into alternative approaches to practical laboratory research; he aims to use his experience in computational modelling to solve sustainability challenges within the automotive sector.


  • On my bucket list? Witnessing the Northern Lights, publishing a novel, mastering the art of Italian cooking, going on a silent retreat, and, oddly enough, learning to yodel in the Swiss Alps.

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