• Howard Richards

  • Theme:Propulsion Electrification
  • Project:Investigating the affect DC ripple current has on lithium-ion cells
  • Supervisor: Chris Vagg ,Alex Lunt ,Frank Marken
  • Industry Partner: AVL
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Howard has joined AAPS CDT after graduating from Imperial College London where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Having grown up on a farm, Howard spent much of is early life tinkering with engines and machines giving him an affinity for solid mechanics. During this time Howard demonstrated a natural ability through his knowledge of ICEs and transmissions, and found a new affinity for electrical systems. This led to mechatronics as a desired field of study and under Dr. Costall (who joined IAAPS in 2020) in his final year, he undertook research into the viability of the electrification of agricultural machinery. Overcoming a lack of knowledge and guidance available to him in this area he produced a bottom-up analysis of tractors including 12 independently recorded duty cycles with results intended to be published imminently.


  • I was taught to play squash by GBs most capped Badminton player but just thought she was a family friend
  • I drove 8000 miles across and around Canada in 19 days one summer
  • My brother ran over my leg with a golf buggy when I was a small child
  • I lived opposite James May in my 2nd and 3rd year of uni
  • I don't use LinkedIn as IMDb does the job

Investigating the effect DC ripple current has on lithium-ion cells

Howard's PhD will investigate the influence that current ripple has on a Lithium-ion battery cell when it is applied on top of the DC current used to charge/discharge the cell.

The outcomes will inform best-practice for powertrain hardware design (inverters and filter capacitors) and software strategies implemented in the Battery Management System, as well as contribute to the understanding of how other techniques, such as battery self-heating using AC, might be applied in the future.

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