• Howard Richards

  • Theme:Propulsion Electrification
  • Project:Investigating the affect DC ripple current has on lithium-ion cells
  • Supervisor:Chris Vagg
  • Industry Partner: AVL
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Howard has joined AAPS CDT after graduating from Imperial College London where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Having grown up on a farm, Howard spent much of is early life tinkering with engines and machines giving him an affinity for solid mechanics. During this time Howard demonstrated a natural ability through his knowledge of ICEs and transmissions, and found a new affinity for electrical systems. This led to mechatronics as a desired field of study and under Dr. Costall (who joined IAAPS in 2020) in his final year, he undertook research into the viability of the electrification of agricultural machinery. Overcoming a lack of knowledge and guidance available to him in this area he produced a bottom-up analysis of tractors including 12 independently recorded duty cycles with results intended to be published imminently.

Howard has recently published papers on his research journey.

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