• Immanuel Vinke

  • Theme:Digital Systems, Optimisation and Integration
  • Project:A closed cycle water injection system for internal combustion engines from exhaust gas water harvest to injection into the combustion chamber
  • Supervisor:Sam Akehurst
  • Industry Partner: VM Technologies & Engineering GmbH
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Immanuel graduated at Bath University with a MSc in Automotive Engineering in 2019, having previously studied Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. He combined his studies at Bath with working at BMW Motorsport as a Performance and Chassis engineer as well as a component and design analyst. Due to his Motorsport background, both as a racing driver and engineer, combined with a strong personal interest in fuels and combustion engines, he chose to undertake a simulation project at Bath University dealing with engine performance of a high-performance combustion engine when converted to ethanol E85 and LPG Fuel. Furthermore, as part of his dissertation, he conducted a life cycle assessment of a dual-biofuel production plant, producing biodiesel and renewable methanol. As part of the AAPS CDT programme he aims to undertake research in sustainable combustion engine technologies.

Name Role Description Date Website
University of Bath, Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Exhibition Presentation

To mark the end of the MRes year, the cohort presented posters on the work they completed throughout the Innovation and Evaluation Units

AAPS Conference 2022 Speaker

Title of talk: Water injection for combustion engines and how to make this technology mass-market proof

- 13/07/2022

AAPS Conference 2022

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