• Immanuel Vinke

  • Theme:Digital Systems, Optimisation and Integration
  • Project:A closed cycle water injection system for internal combustion engines from exhaust gas water harvest to injection into the combustion chamber
  • Supervisor:Sam Akehurst
  • Industry Partner: VM Technologies & Engineering GmbH
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Immanuel graduated at Bath University with a MSc in Automotive Engineering in 2019, having previously studied Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. He combined his studies at Bath with working at BMW Motorsport as a Performance and Chassis engineer as well as a component and design analyst. Due to his Motorsport background, both as a racing driver and engineer, combined with a strong personal interest in fuels and combustion engines, he chose to undertake a simulation project at Bath University dealing with engine performance of a high-performance combustion engine when converted to ethanol E85 and LPG Fuel. Furthermore, as part of his dissertation, he conducted a life cycle assessment of a dual-biofuel production plant, producing biodiesel and renewable methanol. As part of the AAPS CDT programme he aims to undertake research in sustainable combustion engine technologies.

Name Description Date
AB Dynamics Trip

AB Dynamics is one of the world’s leading specialists in automotive test systems across a wide range of applications, from validation and durability to the development of advanced technologies for active safety and autonomous driving. As part of the MRes year for Cohort 1 we had the opportunity to visit. During our visit, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to partake in a demonstration in their in-house Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS).for a closer look at safety and autonomous driving and virtually drive a range of vehicles.

MCT Reman and Aspire Engineering Visit

Attended MCT Reman and Aspire Engineering as part of the CDT in 2020 and learned a significant amount on sustainable engineering

Research Trip to EFC nv.,

Research trip to EFC nv., industrial partner for the research project. On the 5th and 6th august 2021, I undertook a visit to one of my project partners in Belgium. Their role is to aid in the development of specific hardware for the exhaust condensate harvest. The visit included a tour of their manufacturing premises and development offices. The visit was kindly conducted by the CEO of the company.

Chassis Dyno Testing

During the first semester of the MRes year, we were tasked with evaluating the hybrid powertrain of the Toyota Pruis. During this time, we had the opportunity to gather some invaluable vehicle driving data from the chassis dyno at the University of Bath. This allowed us the test the performance of the vehicle over a range of different temperatures and vehicle modes over a variety of drive cycles, whilst also gaining an insight into the setup and operation required for these kinds of on-vehicle tests.

- 22/11/2019
WMG Visit

WMG is a hub of collaboration between academia and industry, driving innovation in applied science, technology and engineering. This provided an excellent insight into the potential that academic-industrial collaboration has within the automotive sector. During our visit, we were fortunate enough to tour the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) – a national facility for all aspects of battery research, from materials and electrochemistry through to application integration and recycling. During our trip in the MRes year we were able to witness first-hand the cutting-edge research and world leading facilities at the EIC.


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