• James Angus

  • Theme:Digital Systems, Optimisation and Integration
  • Project:AI approaches to automate Bill of Materials Validation
  • Supervisor: Chris Brace ,Nic Zhang
  • Industry Partner: Quick Release
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Before joining the AAPS CDT, James had been working in the automotive industry since the start of 2018 for consultancy firm Quick Release Ltd as a Project Analyst focusing on product data management throughout manufacturing. His previous work focused on areas of Bill of Materials (BoM) management, change management co-ordination, inventory & quality issue reporting and RCA.

Before working in industry James had graduated with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Exeter University in 2017 with an interest in control theory and systems modelling.

Outside of University he enjoys squash, badminton and mountaineering.


  • I have walked down the "green" carpet at the premier of 'The Hobbit' (the film could have been better!)
  • I am a big fan of Whiskey
  • I am also a big fan of board games (not monopoly though)
  • I climbed the three peaks
  • I used to work at McLaren HQ

AI approaches to automate Bill of Materials Validation

James' PhD will explore the application of AI to automate the validation of all parts in a Bill of Materials (BoM) used to manufacture a wide variety of vehicles. Each vehicle BoM being defined by vast possible combinations of model variations and customisation options that add to the complexity of auditing the final production order of potentially 15,000 components.

AI techniques, will be investigated to analyse the variant configuration of each buildable combination and highlight errors with the aim to eradicate miss-builds and provide vehicle makers with correct information across the whole product line-up, enabling more accurate planning in terms of assembly as well as financial control.

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