• Julian Wilkinson

  • Theme:Sustainability and Low Carbon Transition
  • Project:Hydrogen LCA for large transport vehicles
  • Supervisor: Marcelle McManus ,Tim Mays
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  • Research journey


​Julian worked as an IT support analyst and programmer in telecommunications and the automotive industry before his interest in climate change and sustainability led him to study a BSc in Environmental Science at The Open University and MSc in Climate Change at Birkbeck College, University of London. He was attracted to the transdisciplinary nature of the AAPS CDT, especially the opportunities in the MRes year for teamworking with students with diverse areas of expertise. Following the Integrated Think Tank with National Express in June 2021, he decided to focus on the decarbonisation potential of hydrogen to fuel road vehicles in the UK.


  • I grew up on four different islands; Bermuda was my favourite
  • One of my grandfathers could play the piano quite well behind his back
  • I've walked up the set of steps where Laurel and Hardy famously failed to deliver a piano
  • I like geeky facts, for example, that a planet (Uranus) was discovered by an astronomer in Bath

Hydrogen LCA for large transport vehicles

Julian’s proposed PhD project is to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen that will evaluate options and pathways in the UK to produce, store and deliver hydrogen to refuelling stations (“well to wheels”) affordably, reliably and safely, and with minimised environmental impacts. This will be a transdisciplinary project with intersections between environmental and data sciences, chemistry, physics, technology, industrial and government strategies and policies, and potential synergies and competition with the electrification of road transport.

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