• Julian Wilkinson

  • Theme:Sustainability and Low Carbon Transition
  • Project:Hydrogen LCA for large transport vehicles
  • Supervisor:Marcelle McManus
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​Julian worked as an IT support analyst and programmer in telecommunications and the automotive industry before his interest in climate change and sustainability led him to study a BSc in Environmental Science at The Open University and MSc in Climate Change at Birkbeck College, University of London. He was attracted to the transdisciplinary nature of the AAPS CDT, especially the opportunities in the MRes year for teamworking with students with diverse areas of expertise. Following the Integrated Think Tank with National Express in June 2021, he decided to focus on the decarbonisation potential of hydrogen to fuel road vehicles in the UK.

Name Role Description Date Website
University of Bath, Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Exhibition - Cohort 2 Presentation

"AAPS CDT Presents: The 2030 Novus - Spiritual Successor To The Prius"

During the MRes year of the programme, the cohort were inspired by the impact of the Toyota Prius, and developed an architecture for a sustainable vehicle targeted at the market of 2030. Projecting forward using current and anticipated global trends, the transdisciplinary team explored a variety of opportunities for innovation and, using a holistic systems-engineering approach, developed a crossover plug-in hybrid vehicle.

CSCT Summer Showcase 2021 – Race to Zero Attendee

This event explored how science and technology can help governments and businesses across the globe in their Race to Zero – featuring guest plenary speakers, industry talks, TED-style talks, debates, PhD researchers’ presentations and more!

- 09/07/2021
AAPS Conference 2022 Speaker

Title of talk: Review and meta-analysis of recent Life Cycle Assessments of hydrogen production

- 13/07/2022

AAPS Conference 2022

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