• Lois Player

  • Theme:Transport, Behaviour and Society
  • Project:Understanding, Predicting and Facilitating the Public Acceptability of Environmental Transport Policies Across Demographic Groups
  • Supervisor: Lorraine Whitmarsh , Christina Demski
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Lois graduated from her BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath with First Class Honours in 2020. Throughout her degree, she was part of a research group looking at social cognitive processes in developmental disorders and co-authored two papers in this area. Lois developed a keen interest in environmental psychology when she worked for Bath Council on their Clean Air Zone implementation project. Since then, she has pursued her interest in understanding the barriers to support of climate policies, particularly applied to the transportation sector. Broadly, Lois is passionate about facilitating a ‘just transition’ in climate action, by considering minority, vulnerable groups in environmental research. Lois is passionate about her work having real-life implications, for policies and the public.


  • I once did aerobatics in a two man plane
  • I've owned 9 hamsters
  • I've met the founder of LinkedIn
  • I studied to become a midwife for 3 months

Understanding and Predicting the Public Acceptability of Environmental Transport Policies Across Demographic Groups

Lois’s PhD seeks to understand the reasons why certain groups of people may or may not accept climate transport policies, specifically looking at Clean Air Zones and Liveable Neighbourhoods. Her work will adopt a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative, qualitative and machine-learning methods to determine which groups face barriers to acceptance, why, and finally – how acceptance can be facilitated amongst a diverse population.

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