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  • Theme:Transport, Behaviour and Society
  • Project:Psycho(patho)logical predictors of (automotive related) pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours
  • Supervisor: Punit Shah
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Lois recently graduated from her BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath with First Class Honours. Throughout her degree, she was part of a research group looking at social processes in developmental disorders such as Autism, and published several papers in this area. In the final year of her undergraduate, she was a research assistant for Bath and North East Somerset Council, studying public perceptions of the proposed Clean Air Zone. This experience propelled Lois’ passion for environmental psychology. Lois also worked at a technology company builder, which sparked her desire to apply Psychology to real-world problems. Combining these interests, Lois is interested in understanding how to promote pro-environmental behaviours in understudied, vulnerable populations, such as those with developmental disorders or mental health conditions. Within the AAPS CDT, Lois aims to understand how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour and increase adoption of new vehicle technologies in vulnerable populations, thereby improving their quality of life, and tackling larger societal environmental issues.


  • I once did aerobatics in a two man plane
  • I've owned 9 hamsters
  • I've met the founder of LinkedIn
  • I studied to become a midwife for 3 months

Psycho(patho)logical predictors of (automotive related) pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours

To continue and advance research in to Clean Air Zones, Lois will work with Bath and North-East Somerset council, and though publications, start an in-depth review of the relationships between normal and psychopathological (i.e., abnormal) psychological traits, environmental attitudes, and pro-environmental behaviours. For example, building on some of our ongoing work (Taylor et al., 2021), this will follow a line of theoretical enquiry on the links between autism, mental health conditions, and pro-environmental (automotive) behaviours. Based on the review of the literature, partly using data collected as part of the CAZ implementation, the student will complete a series of empirical studies to assess the various psycho(patho)logical predictors of pro-environmental behaviours, accounting for climate change beliefs and environmental attitudes, with a focus on understanding any potential barriers to engaging in automotive related pro-environmental behaviours.

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