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  • Theme:Transport, Behaviour and Society
  • Project:Understanding, Predicting and Facilitating the Public Acceptability of Environmental Transport Policies Across Demographic Groups
  • Supervisor:Lorraine Whitmarsh
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Lois graduated from her BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath with First Class Honours in 2020. Lois developed a keen interest in environmental psychology when she worked for Bath Council on their Clean Air Zone implementation project. Since then, Lois has worked with several other local councils (e.g., Cornwall and Bristol City Councils), conducting research to help them implement new transport policies and reduce car dependency. Broadly, Lois' research seeks to understand and remove the barriers to support of transport climate policies, using a variety of novel methodologies. Lois is also interested in facilitating a ‘just transition’ in climate action, by considering minority, vulnerable groups in environmental research. Lois is passionate about her work having real-life implications, for policies and the public.

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University of Bath, Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Exhibition - Cohort 2 Presentation

"AAPS CDT Presents: The 2030 Novus - Spiritual Successor To The Prius"

During the MRes year of the programme, the cohort were inspired by the impact of the Toyota Prius, and developed an architecture for a sustainable vehicle targeted at the market of 2030. Projecting forward using current and anticipated global trends, the transdisciplinary team explored a variety of opportunities for innovation and, using a holistic systems-engineering approach, developed a crossover plug-in hybrid vehicle.

AAPS Conference 2022 Speaker

Title of talk: The 19-Item Environmental Knowledge Test: An Item Response Theory Analysis

- 13/07/2022

AAPS Conference 2022

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