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Oliver graduated from Solent University in 2022 with a first-class BEng (Hons) in Renewable Energy Engineering. During his time in Southampton, he gained a strong foundation of knowledge across a range of green energy and sustainability topics, holding a particular interest in renewable energy generation, smart grids and grid management, power storage systems and eco-vehicle technology, a module which sparked the interest in sustainable transport that ultimately led him to join AAPS CDT. In his final year of study, Oliver was awarded the faculty prize for best project in renewable energy engineering. He aimed to conduct a final year project which would combine both his practical and digital engineering skills, choosing to design and manufacture an automated water cooling system to reduce the negative impacts of increased panel temperature on floating PV panel performance.

He maintains an interest in propulsion and energy storage technologies, and has become increasingly curious about the sustainability and environmental implications of transport decarbonisation, and the importance of a responsible and considered green energy transition. Recently, his imagination has been captured by the process of LCA, and the concept of planning for end-of-life in the design phase to allow for easier and more complete recycling, particularly relating to EV batteries. He hopes to use the MRes year to explore unfamiliar areas of mobility, and identify a specific area of research in which to pursue his PhD.  


  • I have a 944 day Duolingo streak across 4 languages, and I'm still bad at all of them.
  • My undergrad 5-a-side football team were the 2021 Goals Southampton Christmas Cup champions.
  • I can't touch my toes.
  • Most of my friends back home call me by my surname because there were so many people called Oliver/Ollie in my school year.

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