• Patrick Prince

  • Theme:Transport Policy & Economics
  • Project:Improving intrapreneurial behaviour
  • Supervisor: Dimo Dimov
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Patrick graduated from the University of East Anglia with an BSc in Economics and an MSc in Enterprise and Business Creation. Patrick has completed an undergraduate economic dissertation investigating the government policy required to effectively disseminate emerging technology across the US economy. He has completed two postgraduate business dissertations. The first dissertation investigates the psychological antecedents of graduate students deciding to become an entrepreneur when faced with an entrepreneurial opportunity. The second dissertation investigates the impact of the pronouncement of an entrepreneurial opportunity in constructing an agent-independent entrepreneurial opportunity. Patrick intends to become a world-class transdisciplinary researcher, with the guidance of AAPS CDT and his supervisors, whose research can be efficiently applied by practitioners within the automotive industry.

Patrick has previously worked as a Research Assistant for the University of East Anglia’s Economics department, a Research Consultant for a tech consultancy start-up in Bath and as a Doctoral Executive for the Student Union at the University of Bath.


  • I like watching inspirational Sci-Fi films that tend to be directed by Christopher Nolan such as Interstellar and Tenet
  • I have a Calico cat named Jhené
  • My favourite wines are from Spain. I really like the Bobal grape
  • I started my own business selling loose leaf tea

Improving intrapreneurial behaviour

The Automotive industry is currently undergoing a period of transformation. For more than 100 years, vehicle manufacturers have delivered incremental innovation in internal combustion engine vehicle technologies. However, radical innovation in Autonomous, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Mobility technologies is beginning to change this traditional way of working. Vehicle manufacturers are therefore expected to successfully alter one or more aspects of their strategy and organisation in order to maintain their value as incumbent players.

One method that vehicle manufacturers use to achieve this process of strategic renewal is through Intrapreneurship, which is employee behaviour that is innovative. However, a key issue is that Intrapreneurship is inherently uncertain, the innovative idea has not yet been tried and tested, and has a relatively high likelihood of failure. To address this uncertainty, companies can invest in the thinking and practices of their intrapreneurs, to ensure calculated innovative action. This would involve improving the way intrapreneurs frame their innovative objectives, how they plan to achieve these objectives, and how they perform the necessary actions.

This PhD will seek to engage with the realities of intrapreneurs by analysing how intrapreneurial behaviour currently unfolds within the organization of a vehicle manufacturer. In addition, it seeks to understand how a company can develop the art and skills of their intrapreneurs.

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