• Rita Prior Filipe

  • Theme:Sustainability and Low Carbon Transition
  • Project:Feasibility of implementing Mobility as a Service in a regional context
  • Supervisor:Andrew Heath
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Rita has an Integrated Master in Civil Engineering, given by Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), where she mainly focussed in the field of Urban Planning, Transportation and Systems. After finishing her degree she worked for about three months working at a Transportation Systems company and, for the rest of the year, she collaborated with her University to develop and revise the Municipality of Sines’ Master Plan. For her final project, she studied the development and modelling of Smart Cities and if, for that, the opened standard CityGML could be used. With this she realised that technology and innovation alone cannot move the world forward, cities need to keep up and be prepared to receive these current developments. Through AAPS she hopes to keep exploring the concept of smart cities (transportation and urban planning) and investigating how they can develop alongside the current advancements in the automotive industry. She enjoys lifelong learning to approach collaboratively new challenges in a team, working towards collective goals for the public good.

Name Description Date
Collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon)

Collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon) - This is an ongoing collaboration where I have been assisting in the elaboration (involves report writing, legislation planning and cartography) of the Municipal Master Plan for the Municipalities of Sines and Tomar (in Portugal).

Green Equity VIP Project

I will be joining the Green Equity VIP - This project will aim to work with BANES to contribute towards the development of a new linear park for Bath – Bath River Line – which will help to connect the beautiful green and public spaces and give local people a bigger say in the way their new green space is shaped while addressing the climate and ecological emergency.

- 07/02/2022
Neo Hinterland Design Sprint Sessions

Neo Hinterland Design Sprint Sessions - The Neo Hinterland was a two-day sprint session organised by Buro Happold. The purpose of these sessions was to involve academics and the industry in developing solutions and frameworks to reimagining the rural network.

- 16/07/2021
Enhancing the Future of Transport (Collaborative Incubator)

Enhancing the Future of Transport (Collaborative Incubator) - This was a three-day collaborative incubator dedicated to exploring real-world problems in the research area of transport and urban infrastructure for smart, sustainable, and healthy cities and it brought together a broad range of participants from academia, public policy, and industry to identify barriers and opportunities in three main thematic areas: Urban emissions (Day 1), Public Transport (Day 2) and Urban Green Spaces (Day3).

- 28/04/2021

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