• Sina Alishahpour

  • Theme:Low Carbon Fuels
  • Project:Sun + CO2: designing microreactors for solar fuel production
  • Supervisor: Antonio Exposito
  • The Gorgon's Head - Bath University Logo


Sina graduated from the University of Loughborough with BEng Hons in Mechanical Engineering, with particular interest in additive manufacturing technologies. His dissertation investigated 4D printing (time resolved 3D printing) with embedded fibres as an experimental approach. Sina went on to graduate from the University of Bath with a degree in MSc Business Analytics, exploring data analysis and business operations. He completed his thesis on time series forecasting for GP practices, as a resource management tool. He has since joined the AAPS CDT to advance the sustainable development of the automotive sector and explore new research themes such as low carbon fuels for automotive propulsion systems. Outside of work, Sina likes to listen to lots of music and podcasts and get some exercise when possible.


  • I can solve a Rubik's cube
  • I speak Farsi
  • I'm an NBA superfan
  • I make a mean lentil stew

Sun + CO2: a match to drive a more sustainable future

The objective of Sina’s PhD is to develop novel microreactors to facilitate artificial photosynthesis, as an approach for producing renewable fuels. Through controlling the transfer of electrons and protons to the catalyst and understanding the mechanisms that govern reaction selectivity and conversion, the goal is to identify production pathways to optimise the yield of valuable solar fuels.

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