• Thomas Barthelay

  • Theme:Propulsion Electrification
  • Project:Structural Batteries Project A: Atom-scale modelling, anode development and charging rates/battery cycling
  • Supervisor: Andrew Rhead
  • Industry Partner: GKN
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  • Research journey


Thomas graduated from the University of Manchester in 2019 with an MChem Hons where he studied the structural features of Metal-Organic Frameworks in different states for small molecule storage. During his undergraduate he also volunteered for an internship at ITODYS Laboratories at Université Paris Diderot looking at high efficiency photovoltaic titanium oxide cells. These are examples of his main research interests of novel approaches to obtain cleaner and more sustainable propulsion systems on a fundamental level. Through AAPS he hopes to facilitate constructive communication between academia and industry whilst being able to carry on contributing to research.


  • I can’t live without a comfy, warm pair of socks!
  • An activity I will also remember was a week-long trek around the Isle of Skye
  • I am bilingual in English and French
  • If I had more time I would like to play the guitar!

Structural Batteries - Atomic Scale Modelling

Thomas PhD project focusses on optimising the construction of the anode of a CFRP structural battery (the cathode being investigated at Chalmers University in Sweden) and assessing its performance under load. Work will be undertaken in atomic modelling of the anode and the change in ion migration pathways as the anode is stretched by intercalation (absorption) of ions and mechanical loading. Work will focus on the electrochemical aspects of anode development and leave mechanical aspects to the other projects.

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