• Vicentiu Iulian Savu

  • Theme:Digital Systems, Optimisation and Integration
  • Project:Automatic Parametrisation Procedure for Equivalent Circuit Models of Li-ion batteries
  • Supervisor: Chris Brace ,Peter Wilson ,Nic Zhang
  • Industry Partner: AVL
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Vicentiu graduated from Coventry University in 2019 with a first-class degree in Automotive Engineering. During his studies, he researched the combustion process of hydrous ethanol, intending to analyse whether it represents a feasible renewable source of energy for thermal propulsion systems. Vicentiu has also been working for Denso Automotive on an Industrial Placement, as part of the Thermal Systems Department, where he supported commercial design and development activities focused on heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. Outside of his passion for cars, Vicentiu enjoys hiking, cycling and playing chess.


  • I am a good at cycling, but every time I've entered in a contest, I've crashed
  • I'd like to travel across all 7 continents by driving
  • I hate going to loud crowded places such as clubs, concerts, or pubs
  • I've spent one year learning how to fly small aircrafts, just to find I am terrified of them

Automatic Parametrisation Procedure for Equivalent Circuit Models of Li-ion batteries

Vicentiu's work as part of the AAPS CDT focused on the development of improved system identification techniques for physical models. The main aim of his PhD project is to reduce the effort required during parameterization while increasing its speed and accuracy through effective use of system-specific information as well as the structure of the model. Consequently, this type of research increases the accessibility of simulation tools for development engineers and ultimately brings the real and virtual systems closer together, meaning another positive step in the direction of the Digital Twin concept.

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