• Edgar Romero

  • Theme:Chemical Energy Converters
  • Project:Semi-empirical design of additively manufactured minimal surfaces for heat exchanger applications
  • Supervisor: Oliver Pountney ,Hui Tang ,Carl Sangan
  • Industry Partner: GKN
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Edgar completed his MEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey in 2019. With the CDT in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems, he saw an extraordinary opportunity to help tackle the multiple sustainability challenges of this generation. His research interests include thermo-mechanical simulations and experiments, software-based solutions and sustainable propulsion technologies for ground, air and space vehicles. He is an AMIMechE and hopes to remain involved in academia, continue to collaborate with industry and contribute to tackling the climate crisis and the sustainability challenges of our time. Among his personal interests are movies, music, politics and science. 


  • As a kid, I played football, basketball, hockey and chess in school teams
  • I love music and have played semi-professionally for two years in Barcelona and surroundings
  • I have watched multiple American sitcoms over 10 times over, every single episode. Don't judge me
  • I have a kitten!

Semi-empirical design of additively manufactured minimal surfaces for heat exchanger applications

In this PhD, Edgar will be focussing on engineering methods development to design and validate high-effectiveness, additively manufactured heat exchangers.He is developing novel semi-empirical methods to help optimise additively manufactured heat exchangers, without cost and lead time becoming bottlenecks for companies. These devices could eventually allow for future electric propulsion systems to achieve the energy density required to power, for instance, electric passenger aircraft. With GE, NASA and other organisations having demonstrated the potential of additive manufacturing for such applications, this is a field with plenty of scope for novel and exciting research. In this project, Edgar will consider both both analytical and experimental techniques with further integration with computational intelligence or optimisation techniques in order to radically accelerate the development of complex heat exchangers.

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