• Kacper Kaczmarczyk

  • Theme:Chemical Energy Converters
  • Project:Computational Modelling of Hydrogen Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines
  • Supervisor: Sam Akehurst ,Chris Brace ,Hao Yuan
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Kacper graduated from University of Wales Trinity St. David in 2019 with a first-class BEng (Hons) in Motorcycle Engineering, focusing on powertrain development. Kacper’s final year thesis expanded upon the understanding of internal combustion engines (ICE); specifically, calculating real polytropic index during combustion, in addition to adopting and modelling turbulent jet ignition technology from Formula 1 into a passenger car engine. His passion for ICEs was realized by a race engine development company, Race Techniques Ltd. where Kacper carried out modelling & optimization of high-performance Porsche engine. Subsequently, Kacper also led a team for modelling and optimizing Ford Zetec hill climb racing engine, for which he designed a bolt on passive turbulent jet ignited system, based on his thesis work. Kacper is also motorcycle enthusiast, which drove him to become data analyst of Kawasaki sub-team of Orthus Racing for one racing season. Kacper is interested in advancing ICE sustainability and performance via computer modelling and looks forward to working within AAPS to edge closer to his ambition of a carbon neutral, efficient and exciting propulsion future.


  • I'm a very passionate motorcyclist and I own a very fast sport bike
  • I was an apprentice at a successful race engine development firm while I studied at Sixth-Form
  • I built my own computer when I was 14
  • I've repaired and maintained my motorcycles myself since I was 16, so I haven't actually went to a mechanic once

Computational Modelling of Hydrogen Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines

Kacper’s PhD is intended to advance the field of computational hydrogen combustion modelling in internal combustion engines (ICE), of which the main focus is the modelling of combustion in predictive scenario, in order to accelerate the development of sustainable (people, profit, planet) powertrains by brining new tools and expertise to the industry.

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